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Ray Mysterio’s Son, Dominik Mysterio Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend, and Net Worth

Dominik Mysterio is a famous and well-known American professional wrestler who is known for his excellent wrestling moves and excellent fighting skills. At present, he is in a contract with WWE, where he is supposed to perform in the ring in WWE under his prestigious name, Dominik Mysterio. 

Dominik’s Physical Personality

Dominik Mysterio was born on the 5th of April in the year 1997, and at present, he is a 25-year-old wrestler who has an amazing height of 6 feet 1 inch and a perfect weight of 91 kg. The most attractive feature about Dominik is that he has blue-colored eyes, which are charming and make him look dashing. Apart from this, the other thing which makes Dominik Mysterio look handsome is his blonde hair. 

Dominik’s Early Life, and Education

Dominik Mysterio was born in San Diego, California, which is one of the most famous and well-known cities in the United States. His father, Ray Mysterio, is also a well-known professional wrestler, and his mother, Angie Gutierrez, is a very famous celebrity wife and a well-established wrestler.

Dominik spend his entire childhood was spent in California, the United States, where he went to a nearby school. He completed his graduation from Southwestern College, a famous community college that is located in California. 

Dominik’s Career: Matches Played With His Father As A Team 

Dominik Mysterio’s passion for wrestling developed when he started visiting WWE events with his father Rey Mysterio on several occasions and special events. His training to become one of the most successful and best wrestlers of all time started in 2018, with Jay Lethal and his father.

In 2019, Dominik Mysterio developed his skills and completed his training so well that in a match, his father announced that his son Dominik would fight with Samoa Joe for the WWE United States championship, which is going to be held at WrestleMania 35. However, that match wasn’t held between the two players, and in 2020, Dominik played his first match at SummerSlam.

In that match, Dominik was defeated by Rollins in a street fight, which made him stronger and more courageous in wrestling. Following that, as retaliation, Dominik wrestled a match with his father against Rollins and Murphy, which both the son and father won, giving Dominik his first victory in the WWE competition.

Afterward, he appeared in a Wrestlemania backlash competition in which he tied with his father, and they both won the title of best father and son team champions in the entire WWE history. At present, Dominik is working hard to have a successful career in wrestling, and he is often seen in LimeLight and various matches. 

Dominik’s Girlfriend: The Famous Singer Marie – Juliette

Dominik is currently dating Marie-Juliette, who is an amazing singer by profession. Being together for nine years after first meeting in a Spanish class, they are truly high school sweethearts. On his social media, he frequently posts pictures of the two of them together, demonstrating how close they are to one another.

Dominik’s Social Media Presence

Dominik is an amazing wrestler and, along with that, he is an amazing social media personality. On his official Instagram account, he has more than 500k followers and 101 posts in which he shared various videos and pictures of himself, his girlfriend, his matches, and his love once. He also uses Twitter under the name DomMysterio35 and has more than 59k followers on his official Twitter account. 

Dominik Mysterio’s Net Worth 

As an amazing wrestler, Dominik Mysterio has a salary of approximately $174000 and his net worth comprises $2 million. 


Does Dominik have any siblings?

Yes, Dominik has a sister named Aalyah Gutierrez, who is a very famous Instagram influencer.

What is the net worth of Dominik’s father, Ray Mysterio: the great wrestler?

Dominic’s father, the great wrestler Rey Mysterio, has a net worth that amounts to $10 million. 

What is the net worth of Dominik’s mother, the famous wrestler Angine Gutierrez?

Dominic’s mother, Angine Gutierrez, has a net worth of $1 million.

What are the things that Dominik likes to do in his spare time?

In his spare time, Dominik likes to play football and basketball.

Is Dominick married or not?

No, Dominik is not married yet, but he is dating a beautiful girl named Marie Juliette.

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