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James Charles: The YouTuber Beauty Star, About To Know More His Bio

James Charles is an American makeup artist and an Internet personality. He is also a beauty YouTuber who posts makeup tutorials online and is pretty famous for that.

He is one of the best-known beauty influencers on the Internet and earns most of his income by vlogging and posting beauty-focused content and make-up videos.

In 2021, he was involved in a scandal where he was charged with allegedly ‘sexting’ boys under the age of 18 and he took full responsibility for that and apologized by saying that he didn’t know they were underage.

James Charles Physical Appearance

James Charles (full name – James Charles Dickinson) was born on 23rd May 1999 in Albany County in New York to parents Skip and Christine Dickinson. He also has a younger brother, Ian, who is a fashion model by profession.

He is of white ethnicity, and no information is available about his heritage or ancestry. James Charles is 5 feet 9 inches tall, or 1.75 meters, and weighs 60 kilograms, or 132 pounds.

James Charles Education

Not much information has been made available by James Charles about his childhood or early life. His father was a contractor, and his mother was a housewife. In his interviews, he has said that he had a very average childhood and that he and his family lived a very modest lifestyle.

When he was younger, he had a highly effeminate demeanour, and as a result, he frequently faced bullying from students. Despite this, he paid little heed to it and claimed he couldn’t give a damn about the bullies.

He was passionate about make-up and beauty, and he learned to do make-up all by himself and was pretty good at it. His work was first noticed when he did make-up for a girl in school, and after that, he decided to do it professionally.

He went to Bethlehem Central High School and graduated from there in 2017, but the information about what his major was is still unknown.

James Charles Career As A Makeup Artist

After doing makeup and hairdressing for his female friends and also receiving praise for it, James Charles then thought of making this his career. And he started doing this as a side-hustle.

While still in high school, James Charles started his own YouTube Channel where he uploaded video tutorials for different hairstyles and makeup and beauty hacks. Slowly, he started gaining traction and attracted a huge audience, and his hard work paid off when he became the first male ambassador for a popular cosmetic brand, Covergirl.

The subscriber counts of his YouTube channel started going up and he started getting invitations to different celebrity functions and awards shows.

2019 started with a bang for James as he had surpassed the 10-million-mark on YouTube and got invited to a beauty center in the UK and on hearing the news it caused traffic jams because of a large crowd gathering in and around the center. He also hosted the Streamy Awards where he himself won several accolades.

James Charles’s Relationships

After becoming famous for his YouTube channel, James Charles came out as gay. The social media influencer’s dating life is still a mystery, with him not commenting on who he is dating. Although there were rumors that he dated Grayson Dolan, a YouTuber, both denied it.

James expressed his feelings about getting a boyfriend, but he didn’t want to make an effort by right-swiping on dating apps and chatting. Similarly, there were rumors that he was in a relationship with a make-up influencer, but it was declared false by him.

James Charles Net Worth

As of 2022, James Charles is said to have a net worth of $22 million. The celebrity makeup artist’s income extensively comes from YouTube, with him being one of the highest-paid stars and also his 24 million subscribers helping him to generate huge revenues.

Aside from YouTube, he also makes money via his own clothing line, Sisters Apparel, and sponsorship agreements with companies. Additionally, he makes money by appearing in other YouTubers’ videos, acting in advertisements, and participating in photoshoots.

James Charles Social Media Handle

James Charles is very significantly active on social media. He has profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. He has 22.9 million followers on Instagram (@jamescharles) and posts mostly pictures from his photo shoot and also reels in trending songs.

He also entertains people on TikTok and has nearly 36 million followers on the platform. His Facebook page is mostly handled by his PR team and posts announcements on merchandise drops and other stuff. He has 7.3 million followers on Twitter and posts video announcements there.


1. Who is James Charles?

Ans. James Charles is an American makeup artist and an Internet personality.

2. When was James Charles born?

Ans. James Charles was born on 23rd May 1999.

3. What is James Charles’s Net-worth?

Ans. As of 2022, James Charles is said to have a net worth of $22 million.

4. How many followers James Charles has on Instagram?

Ans. James Charles has 22.9 million followers on Instagram.

5. When did James Charles start his YouTube channel?

Ans. James Charles started his YouTube channel in 2015.

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