Friday, March 24, 2023

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Bitvalue Capital Launches A $100 Million Fund For The Expansion Of Its Business

BitValue Capital, one of the most famous investment businesses in the world wide economy, announced that it has raised a $100 million Web 3 venture capital fund.

The investment was raised by Bitvalue Capital from traditional investment makers and the crypto market. The company states that due to its good reputation in the fields of investing and funding, it was quite an easy task to raise capital from the crypto market. 

The main reason for which the company raised such a huge amount of investment is to encourage new blockchain projects that are unique and different in various aspects and capitalize on industry prospects. Furthermore, this funding will enable the company to expand its wealth and support its growth and expansion into new economies. By delivering utilities to customers in the upcoming future, Bitvalue aims to add more value to customers. 

Bitvalue is a Canada-based firm that was founded in 2010 with the view that it would bring changes in the field of investment and the way it works. It was founded by Michael Zhu and Shawn Xia, and they both aimed to give the investment field a new meaning when they founded the company. It brings together human, physical, and monetary resources to fulfill its aims and objectives.

When it was formed, it encouraged the concept of “grow together and earn together,” which is still alive in the company’s performance. At present, the company’s total value is more than $8 billion. However, there will be a change in the total valuation after this funding, which has not been calculated yet according to venturepulitzerbloomberg.

The company basically invests its values in the primary market. Apart from this, the company helps project developers in the development of various projects and provides non-stop services for effective and efficient code writing.

Currently, the company is working hard and handling more than 300 projects for different customers. Bitvalue Capital always emerged as a supporting firm that helped its partners connect with other great investors and stand among the world’s top-ranked financial institutions. 

The philosophy on which Bitvalue Capital works is that it connects suitable resources with suitable people at a suitable time to increase wealth. Working on this philosophy, Bitvalue has always seen huge success, and now it is targeting more customers and more projects in the upcoming future.

Bitvalue is a growing company that always looks ahead to expansion and innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchains, and cloud processing. For this purpose, the company always works hard to fund its projects and raise capital through various open sources and investments.

The company already has various valuable investors as partners, and if the company requires more cash inflows, it will connect with other new and valuable investors for sure. 

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