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Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa – An American Actor, Age, Height, Net Worth

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa is a popular Hollywood actor. His rise to prominence was aided by his collaboration with DC Comics.

He has numerous renowned acting roles, such as appearances in Baywatch, Game of Thrones for the first two seasons, and finally Aquaman.

Such a wide variety of genres makes Jason well-loved across the globe. Momoa was also cast in the famous Zendaya-starring movie Dune. 

Let’s Learn About Jason’s Height, Weight, And Age

Jason Momoa’s height and weight are 193 cm and 95 kg, respectively. Jason’s age is 42. He was born on August 1st, 1979. He keeps himself in shape and is well-built. He is a fan of running and bodybuilding. He needs to keep such a physique to play the action-intensive roles he chooses.

The Early Life And Education Of Jason Momoa

He was born an only child in Hawaii to his parents, who were creative by nature, and that rubbed off on Jason at a young age. His father worked as a photographer and his mother was a painter. He has far-off Irish and German ancestry. Not much is known about his childhood or education.

He was discovered at a young age to be working as a model.

Jason Momoa – The Road To Stardom

Due to his massive bulk, he was cast to play a Roman in the show “The Game”. His career was a tangent, with his physique deciding to take on very action-oriented roles.

He even played Conan the Barbarian, and this later translated to his role in the famous hit show, The Game of Thrones. He traced his roots back to the show, where he performed dance rituals from his hometown.

He was also interested in writing, and he wrote a movie called “Road to Paloma”. This was shot on a small budget and released in New York and California theatres. Soon after, DC Comics decided to choose Jason to play the role of Aquaman. 

His role as the water superhero was praised worldwide. He brought fresh life and enthusiasm into the role and was also the creator of a meme wave. He was recently cast to appear in the Fast and the Furious franchise as the villain.

Love Life Of Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is not single. He is currently committed to Eiza Gonzalez. This was after his split from his former girlfriend, Lisa, with whom he had been committed for over two decades. He is reportedly really happy with Eiza and finds himself at peace.

The relationship is apparently not serious yet, as both Eiza and Jason are drowning themselves in work. Jason has two children with his former girlfriend. 

Net Worth Of Jason Momoa

Jason has a net worth of over $10 million, but reports say that he is actually worth much more. His roles in hit shows and movies earned him quite a lot of money. Jason was apparently paid $12 million for his role as Aquaman, not including royalties.

His work with the Fast and the Furious franchise and technology giant Apple must earn him healthy paychecks. He even owns his own company, called Mananalu, which sells water but uses aluminum water bottles.

Jason Momoa As A Social Media Star

He has an impressive following of over 17 million followers on Instagram. He is active on the platform and updates his fans with his life and the movies he is working on. He also campaigns for nature and the cleanliness of our planet by sharing charities and posters urging his fans to live a cleaner life.

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