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King of Rock ‘n’ Roll- Elvis Presley Bio, Career & Songs, Net Worth, News & More

Elvis Aaron Presley is considered the most popular American singer, dancer, and actor of his era. He revolutionized Hollywood with his unique way of singing and dancing.

Elvis Presley could be named the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” as Parsley gives rock ‘n’ roll music a new identity in America. people started to copy the style and clothing fashion of Elvis. He is known for his contributions to music and culture. Elvis’ dance moves and attitude won the hearts of the people of the 20th century. 

Elvis famous quote is –

“Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.”

Elvis Presley’s Biography

Elvis’ hometown is Tupelo, Mississippi. His birthdate is January 8, 1935, and died on August 16, 1977. He lived among us for a very short time, only 42 years. 

Elvis had his education at Humes High School and became a singer and an actor. His daughter’s name is Lisa Marie Presley, and his wife’s name is Priscilla Presley.

Elvis also used to play instruments like guitar, vocals, and piano. He served in the military for two years. His rank in the army was Sergeant. He won the Good Conduct Medal for serving in the army. 

Elvis Presley’s Physical Appearance

A person with beautiful blue eyes, fair skin, and black hair as well as a charming personality. Elvis Presley Height was 1.82 m and he weighed around 77 kg. 

Elvis Presley’s Professional career & Songs

Elvis spent his childhood days in Tupelo. In 1953 Parsley had his first recording in the office of Sun Records. “I’ll Never Stand in Your Way” was his second recording which became very famous. He had done several music recordings such as That’s All Right, That’s When Your Heartaches Begin, and My Happiness.

Elvis got famous for his Rubber Legs because of his live performance dance. He played at Eagle’s Nest club for a while and then returned to Sun Records. On KSLA-TV he made his first appearance for the broadcast of Louisiana Hayride. 

Heartbreak Hotel his new album got released and created havoc in the public as he was incredible in that album and it became the number-one pop hit. After the release of the album, he got a stage show in New York arranged for him by Parker. 

The Parsley show, that is the Berle show, made him so famous that he got booked for the Steve Allen Show. He made his final appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Then he recorded three singles named ‘Too Much’,’ All Shook Up and ‘, and (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear. 

Military Career of Elvis Presley

Parsley was in military service for two years at the rank of sergeant near Fort Smith, Arkansas. He joined the army because he wanted to be treated as everybody else and should be given the same treatment. He joined the 3rd Armored Division after his training, and in between his mother was diagnosed with hepatitis. 

Elvis Presley’s Movie career

After his return from military training, he again released several hit albums. He started with films like Flaming Star and Wild in the Country but they got a little less success since then he started using a different formula but his film taste did not seem to be nice and he got criticized for his bad taste but they were profitable. His filming career didn’t seem to be a success for him and he lost touch with the films. 

Personal Life of Elvis Presley

One of the many important women in Presley’s life was his mother, Gladys. He also had various girlfriends over the years, like Anne Helm, with whom Presley had a strong bond and they were together for a good amount of time. 

He has also been famous for his sexual relationships with many of his girlfriends. Later, Presley met the love of his life, Priscilla Presley, with whom he was married on May 1, 1967. With Priscilla, he had only one child, whose name is Lisa Marie Presley.

Elvis Presley’s Net worth

Elvis Presley was a multi-talented person with a number of talents as a dancer, actor, and musician. Elvis Presley’s Net worth was $ 400 million His main source of income was from music albums and stage performances. 

Elvis’s Social Media Popularity

  • Elvis Presley has several social media accounts that are active.
  • Elvis has a 1.6 million-follower Instagram account.
  • Elvis has 11,220,737 followers on Facebook.
  • Elvis Twitter account has 326.5K followers

FAQs about Elvis Presley

1.  What is Elvis Presley’s Birthplace?

Ans. He was from Tupelo, Mississippi.

2. How tall is Elvis Presley?

Ans. He was 1.82 m tall.

3. How many children does Elvis Presley have?

Ans. Elvis Presley had only one child. His daughter’s name is Lisa Marie Presley.

4. Was Elvis Presley married?

Ans. Yes, Elvis Presley was married to Priscilla Presley on May 1, 1967.

5. Did Elvis Presley serve in the military?

Ans. Yes, Elvis Presley served in the military for two year at the rank of sergeant near Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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