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Nicole Flenory : Know All About Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Family,Networth

Although Nicole Flenory tries to remain neat and establish a normal life, she is known for being the sister of criminals BIG Meech and Terry. Nicole claims to have a distance from mafia dealings, but is what she is claiming even true? Well, here’s more about Nicole and her lifestyle.

Who Is Nicole Flenory? 

Nicole Flenory caught attention towards her for being the younger sister of BIG Meech and Terry. Three of them were born and brought up in a disturbing environment- who would shortly overturn their destiny by hook or by crook. Not Nicole, but her brothers assembled one of the biggest drug networks in the nation. 

There is limited information on Nicole Flenory, unlike her brother who started dealing as early as high school students. Soon after, Terry and Meech became a sensation among youngsters as hip-hop artists. Both had reached their peak between 2003-2004 and in the meantime, shipped cocaine to Atlanta. 

Fortunately, both were arrested by 2005 and sentenced to 30 years of jail time. As of now, Meech is still serving his sentence in California’s USP Lompoc, while Terry was released for house arrest in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Year of Birth:1974

Age:48 years

Gender:- Female

Birth Place:Dartmouth St., Detroit 

Nationality:–  American

Children:Demetrius Steele and Dillan Steele. 

Net worth:$5 Million

Where is Nicole Flenory?

Nicole has built her own family now and currently lives in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Other than that, Nicole’s info is very limited as she prefers having a private life. As per her Instagram account, she loves being a proud mama with several posts of her sons. She also has a good number of followers with over 13k people following her.

Body measurements of Nicole Flenory:

Much of the body measurements and the details are not yet known. She is the daughter of Charles and Lucille Flenory. Nicole Flenory is currently forty six years of age and is having a dusky complexion. She has a very warm under tone of the skin. She has got dimples. However, the weight and height of the famous personality is not known by the people. She has short hair and braces. She has an eye colour of black. She is of American nationality.

Career details of Nicole Flenory:

If we take a look at the career of Nicole Flenory then you will understand that she has her career in the field of interior designing and also she has given the efforts as a decorator too. She has easily served her long time reputation for the industry and also she has a very good and reputed position. There are no more details that are known about the professional life of the person. She has social media id and she is present on Instagram and there she interacts with the whole world. She shares all the life instincts that are present in her life in a better way. She also attended a local school that was in her locality. 

Relationship with the Black Mafia Series

There is the most famous kind of the American television network Starz that is present. There is this series that was mostly inaugurated on 26 of September, in the year 2021. And from then onwards you will find that they have already given a renewal for a season in the second year. 

There is mostly a goal that you will find and there would be series and for that you will find that Nicole Flenory and his brother was shown and all their aspect of lives were being discussed in a more better way. There is kind of drug dealing talks, there is laundering of the money and also you will see that the series showed the best kind of recording company. There is also an efficient and effective producer that is mostly shown as the American rapper of fifty percent. 

Nicole also did a thing and that was to post the picture of pricey and Branson 50 cents of the gift that was given as a major recognition that is present. You will find that the contribution was given to the BMF TV show that is also very important in the long run too. 

There is Nicole Flenory who was portrayed in a more detailed manner in a good web series that was having the famous star called Laila D. Pruitt. Laila is also a seventeen year girl who is mostly the American actress who comes from. Georgia. 

Nicole Flenory Personal Life

Nicole prefers having a private life and keeps most of her personal information confidential. However, she is regularly seen posting her son on Instagram, which means she now has a family of her own. Her Instagram also signifies her having a happy family. She currently resides in Michigan with two of her sons. 

Marriage of Nicole Flenory:

Everyone knows the fact that Nicole Flenory is married but no one knows the husband. None of the sites are present that would display the name of the husband. So, it is important to find about her personal life rather than knowing about her husband in detail. 

Nicole’s Rough Childhood Along With Her Siblings

Nicole Flenory kept a good distance from the shady business that her brother ran, which is why she isn’t as known as Terry and Meech. Three of them endured a rough childhood as they had strict parents and a poor way of livelihood. The situation forced Terry and Meech to start trading drugs, but Nicole kept herself away from it. Although their parents followed Christianity and were against drugs, Terry and Meech chose to trade due to it being non-violent, unlike other shady businesses. 

In an interview, Nicole came forward and said how bad their childhood conditions were, and that both her brothers would wear the same outfits and shoes every day. The only $15 shoes they has were also worn out. 

Husband of Nicole Flenory

Nicole is married and also has two sons with her husband, but who her husband might be is unknown. She posts two of her sons most times but there’s hardly any clue about her husband. 

Nicole Flenory net worth

Nicole Flenory is estimated to have a net worth of approx. $5 million, but no relevant source could confirm the same. Most sources also suggest that she got rich due to her participation in drug networking while Nicole, herself has reported she’s out of her family business. 

Her net worth of $5 million is only an estimation and a rough idea. But by judging her Instagram account, Nicole seems to lead a good and happy life. 

FAQs about Nicole Flenory:

1. what is age now?

Ans. 48 Year

2. What year of birth was Nicole Flenory BMF?

Ans. In 1974, BMF was born.

3. How much money is Nicole Flenory‘s worth?

Ans. The estimated $5 million net worth

4. Who are Nicole Flenory’s children?

Ans. Demetrius Steele and Dillan Steele are children.

5. Who is Nicole Flenory?

Ans. The younger Sister of Terry, popularly known as Southwest T, and Demetrius, commonly known as Big Meech, was born in Dartmouth, Detroit, in 1974. She reportedly stayed away from their illegal enterprise as her infamous elder brothers established one of America’s most notorious drug networks.

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