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Big Meech and Southwest T’s younger sister-Nicole Flenory Bio, Recent News, Age, Family, BMF Connection, & More

Nicole Flenory Bio 

Laila D. Pruitt aka Nicole Flenory‘s parents, Charles and Lucille Flenory, welcomed Nicole into the world on Dartmouth Street in Detroit in 1974. younger Sister of Big Meech and maybe the least well-known member of the Black Mafia Family is Nicole Flenory (BMF).The true story of Big Meech, formerly known as Demetrius Edward Flenory, and his brother Terry Flenory as Southwest , who rose to prominence in a multi-state narcotics and money-laundering organization, is the focus of the new crime drama BMF. She shared a challenging upbringing with her older brothers. Nicole Flenory is still living her life outside of BMF’s public eye. With her family, Nicole Flenory now resides in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Name: Nicole Flenory

Year of Birth: 1974

Age: 46 years

Gender: Female

Birth Place: Dartmouth St., Detroit 

Nationality:  American

Children: Demetrius Steele and Dillan Steele. 

Net worth: $5 Million

Nicole Flenory Family 

Nicole Flenory BMF is a relatively unknown figure, but the numerous images and postings of her sons on Nicole Flenory Instagram show that she is a mother. Nicole Flenory reportedly has two sons and lives with her family in Lincoln Park, Michigan, based on her Instagram photos. Demetrius and Dillan Steele are her two sons.

Nicole Flenory connection With Black Mafia Family (BMF)

As the network has officially begun production on a docuseries that will chronicle the tale behind the programme, according to Deadline, we can finally look forward to getting an inside peek at the genesis of the Starz popular series BMF. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who also serves as executive producer and creator of the well-liked show that debuted on Starz in late September of this year, produced the eight-episode docuseries.

Nicole Flenory’s Age

She is Big Meech and Southwest’s younger sister, as we all know. But when was Nicole Flenory born and what was her age? 

Charles and Lucille gave birth to her in 1974. She would therefore be about 46 years old. The Nicole Flenory age that we have given here is only an estimate because, although knowing the year of her birth, we are unsure of the precise day.

Nicole Flenory Net Worth 

Several sources also claim that Nicole Flenory acquired her riches by working for her family’s pharmaceutical company, which is completely at odds with what is known about her. As a result, it is not known whether her reported $5 million net worth is accurate. Therefore, it’s only possible to speculate on Nicole Flenory’s net worth. However, Nicole Flenory’s Instagram makes it clear that she is wealthy and leads a tranquil life.

Physical appearance of Nicole Flenory

There is no Exact Information About her Height And weight. Although Nicole Flenory appears to be in good physical condition. Her black hair draws attention to her brown eyes.

Recent News About Nicole Flenory: Was Nicole Flenory’s Boyfriend Stabbed?

Nicole (Laila D. Pruitt), the younger sister of Terry and Meech, finds a boyfriend but is troubled by the lack of privacy imposed by a security monitor who is constantly watching her. The two children immediately flee when the guard is taken away because they are children. Lamar appears from the undergrowth, stalking her like a tiger, and grabs her.

After recognising him, she runs away, leaving her boyfriend behind. While the poor guy takes the brunt of it, he contemplates letting her go out of terror. Nicole Flenory’s friend is stabbed by Lamar, who then shanks him once again to ensure his death, in a particularly horrific and cold-blooded act.

Social media accounts

Nicole Flenory Instagram –


FAQs about Nicole Flenory:

1. what is Nicole Flenory’s age now?

Ans. 46 Year

2.What year of birth was Nicole Flenory BMF?

Ans. In 1974, Nicole Flenory BMF was born.

3.How much money is Nicole Flenory worth?

Ans. The estimated $5 million net worth of Nicole Flenory

4. Who are Nicole Flenory’s children?

Ans. Demetrius Steele and Dillan Steele are Nicole Flenory’s children.

5. Who is Nicole Flenory?

Ans. The younger Sister of Terry, popularly known as Southwest T, and Demetrius, commonly known as Big Meech, Nicole Flenory was born in Dartmouth, Detroit, in 1974. She reportedly stayed away from their illegal enterprise as her infamous elder brothers established one of America’s most notorious drug networks.

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