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Kristin Austin: Steve Austin’s Wife, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth

One of the most famous American wrestlers of all time, Steve Austin, is now married to his fourth wife, Kristin Austin. Her background and early existence are shrouded in mystery. Austin, who is widely acknowledged as the guy responsible for building WWE as a worldwide brand and its biggest star, has changed dramatically while she’s been in it.
In his fourteen years as a professional wrestler, Austin has amassed a total of 19 title victories, including six WWF Titles, two Intercontinental Titles, and four WWF Tag Team Titles. And he’s been the main attraction at a number of WWF PPVs, including WrestleMania XIV, XV, and X-Seven. Austin married Kristin at a pivotal point in his life, after the dissolution of three previous marriages. They don’t talk much about themselves publicly, but he credits her with helping him change his outlook on life and become more easygoing.

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Kristin Austin Biography

For some reason, Kristin likes to keep her personal life private. She has not opened up in public about her age, but she is believed to be in her 40s now. Kristin Feres was born in the United States of America, but the city is not yet known to us. Kristin became popular after she got married to Steve Austin, who is a professional wrestler. Before getting married to the famous wrestler, she was just a model. Kristin holds an American identity. Kristin Feres became Steve Austin’s wife in the year of 2009. Kristin is the fourth wife of one of the most famous professional wrestlers in the world, Steve Austin. She gained a huge popularity all over the world just because of being the wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Kristin Austin height,weight

Austin, being an American, has blonde hair. Her eyes are greyish blue in colour. Kristin Feres has a standard height of about 5 feet 8 inches. She has a body weight which is not known to us And will be update later.

Know Steve Austin’s fourth Wife

Kristin is Steve’s fourth wife. Frequently seen on the red carpet, Kristin has also attended several WWE events with her famous husband. Austin has made no secret of the role Kristin had in inspiring him to make positive changes in his life.

Kristin Austin Age and early life

Kristin’s date of birth is December 18, 1964, which she spent in California, United States. It is unknown what she was like as a youngster, but she did complete her schooling at California State University. After that, she dabbled in freelance writing and modeling.

Kristin,who is blond and has grey eyes, is a stunning young woman. She regularly schedules time at the gym to maintain her fitness level. She’s 57 years old, so it’s very obvious.

Kristin Austin lifestyle

Kristin enjoys living a luxurious lifestyle, certain that he would never have to worry about money because of Steve Austin’s enormous wealth. They own a lavish house in one of the most expensive parts of the United States, California’s Mariana Del Rey. They spent around $1.5 million in 2017 to purchase the home next door.

When it comes to automobiles, they have everything from Mercedes to Porsche in plenty. All of them are now idling in their carports.

Kristin Austin’s husband and her marriage

Former WWE superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is married to Kristin.He is widely regarded as one of WWE’s all-time greats and a major factor in the company’s rise to prominence. Since joining the WWE, Stone Cold has done a fantastic job of elevating both RAW and SmackDown to the level of the highest quality offerings available from the company. Fans of Stone Cold Steve Austin often claim that he is the only one who can trash talk with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

With three unsuccessful marriages under her belt, Kristin was ready to settle down with Steve Austin, and the results were there for everyone to see. They’ve been married for almost a decade and have three children together, all of whom are thriving.

Kristin Austin Childhood

After over a decade of marriage, Steve and Kristin still don’t have any kids. Steve had three children from a prior relationship, so he was already a parent when he met Kristin. She’s fortunate to have three great-daughters already.

Education of Kristin Austin

Kristin is very private about her life and has never disclosed her parents’ identity to the public. Kristin has not disclosed her birthday in the public domain. Austin has not revealed many details about her early life in the public domain as she likes to keep her life private. Before she tied the knot to Steve Austin, her maiden name was Kristin Feres.

Kristin Feres did her schooling at a local elementary school. Austin hasn’t revealed any further details about her education. It is believed that after doing her schooling at a local elementary school, Kristin did her graduation from a university with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.).

Kristin Austin’s Career

Kristin worked as a model before getting married to Steve Austin. Although she has not revealed any kind of details regarding her career with the public domain. Kristin after getting married to Steve Austin, helps her spouse be a co-host on his show called “The Steve Austin Show.”

Relationships of Kristin Austin

she is a married woman, and her husband’s name is Steve Austin. Because Kristin never ever revealed anything about her personal life there is not much information about her past relationships.

After marrying Steve Austin, she has become a personality people are rooting for and want to know more about her. She has been majorly a homemaker but has also helped Steve manage his show “The Steve Austin Show”.

Kristin Austin’s love for pets

They both have a strong affinity towards all animals. Together, they now have four magnificent canine companions. The couple is also actively involved in conservation efforts.

Kristin Austin Net Worth

Some 2022 publications have put Kristin Austins wealth at roughly $200,000, however, this is just an estimate. She spent some time early in her career working as a model. It wasn’t until she wed WWE Superstar Steve Austin that she gained widespread attention.
Kristin and her professional wrestler husband, Steve Austin, have two residences in Marina Del Ray, in Los Angeles County.

Since her husband, Steve Austin, is a former WWE superstar worth over $30 million, she has never had to worry about money.

Steve Austin’s podcast, The Steve Austin Show, has Kristin Austin as a guest host as of the latest episode.

Kristin Austin’s Social Media 

Kristin being private about her personal life, is not at all active on any of the social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, etc. Her spouse, Steve Austin, is very famous on social media platforms. He has more than 5.5 million followers on Instagram.


FAQs About Kristin Austin:

1. What is Kristin maiden name?

Ans.  Kristin Feres was her name before marriage.

2. Is Steve Austin still married to Kristin ?

Ans. Yes, they are married.

3.Does Kristin has any boyfriend?

Ans. No since she is already married.

4. What is the father name of Kristin ?

Ans. She has not revealed yet her father’s name.

5. Does Kristin have any siblings?

Ans. No, she is believed to be the only child of her American parents.

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