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Flexiv Closes $100m Series Funding Round Leaded By Meituan

As companies and industries are swiftly moving towards automation of the working process and chain lines, investors are finding a great deal of interest in companies that are in robotics and AI.

China based adaptive robot maker company Flexiv has closed at over 100 million funding from investors in which also include china’s company Meituan.

In Flexiv 100 Million Funding Round Participated Investors

Among other investors, they have Jack Ma’s YF Capital, New Hope Group, Meta Capital, GSR ventures, Longwood, Geographical Capital, Magic Capital, Zhen Fund, Plug and Play’s China and US ventures who have invested in flexiv chinese ai series meituanliaotechcrunch

Meituan has their interests in Flexiv as they will leverage Flexiv services for their business, i.e. food delivery. Automation of food delivery services will give a huge edge and boost Meituan as per meituanliaotechcrunch.

In early 2021, Flexiv started releasing robotics software platforms such as Noema (an AI system) and the Flexiv RDK (robotics kit). In 2019 Flexiv launched their Rizon robot, and by now they offer at least 3 models of it namely, The Rizon 4, Rizon 4s, and The Rizon 10. Flexiv currently has one-third of its operations in China and also has offices in the United States.

Wang Shiquan founder of Flexiv’s statement

In 2016, Wang Shiquan, an Alumnus of Stanford’s BDM Lab founded Flexiv with the motive of developing adaptive general-purpose robots for the industry and supply chain. With a 100 million series B investment, Flexiv now plans to expand its operations to other sectors such as health care, AI, agriculture, and much more.

According to the Co-Founder at PeopleFastFind, Flexiv Chinese AI has paved a path for robotic hardware and software technologies, bringing real change in industrial automation. He also mentioned that Flexiv has launched over 100 GP robots ever since.

From what it appears, having Meituan’s strategic investment, Flexiv is all set to develop the technology in the supply and delivery chain.

When asked, Company’s founder said,

“With no barriers, conventional robotics can work really well. However, complications arise when hurdles come in between … washing machine and Healthcare requires a lot of precision and care”

He further said,

“The money from big tech companies and the investments in many robotic startups will mostly be used for mass production and chain supply, development, and high profile R&D.

Flexiv Aim and Services

Our aim is to continue to focus on automation while exploring new applications in a larger range of industries including logistics, services, agriculture, health care, and others.

“The recent investments cover almost every sector, and with this, we will be able to improve and refine our products in a diversity of real application scenarios, which greatly helps our development of the most advanced general AI and robotics technology.” 

In 2022 Flexiv completed its series B with funding of 100 million, and the same company in 2019 completed its series A+ with total funding of $22 Million. After which they launched their first Rizon product, the finest in its league. This gave Flexiv an edge over other manufacturers and helped them win two significant awards, i.e If Design award and the German innovation award as per flexiv chinese ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch.

The Company has launched over 100 GP robots and developed a number of industrial applications ever since.

Flexiv’s first investor, Richard Lim, managing director of GSR, says: “Flexiv’s breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies for general robotics have pushed the boundaries of industrial automation and intelligence.

“Our team has great industry point of view and research capabilities. We are glad to have worked together with Flexiv when they were initially founded at Stanford and look forward to supporting their efforts to make intelligent robotics a key part in different industries including chain supply and production automation.”

Final Thought

Overall, Flexiv has paved a unique path for robotic hardware and software technologies to bring real change in industrial automation. These Rizon robots have the capability to change the course of the world and automize the entire industry with the help of AI and Robotics. Constant one after another achievement of Flexiv indicates its very bright and successful future.

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