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Top 10 BEST Places To Visit In New Jersey, USA

New Jersey revels in its myriad pleasures. Uncover the state’s variegated cuisine offerings, art scene, and rich heritage with our widely researched comprehensive guide.

This post caters to providing exciting anecdotes about various places in New Jersey if you’re planning a quick vacation or a weekend escape there. You’ll also learn how to get around and which sights are the most interesting.

Explore these breathtaking sites on your way out there.

1. Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a top New Jersey coastal resort with miles of sandy beaches and sumptuous casino hotels. This city, a wholesome vacation attraction by day and a glamorous party playground by night has plenty of activities.

Strolling across 4 miles of Boardwalk, you can get the best view of city life. Steel Pier, with its large amusement park and Ferris wheel, is a landmark of Atlantic City’s oceanfront that you won’t be able to miss while strolling along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Inaugurated in 1898, it is the city’s first theme park. You must try your luck in one of the numerous casinos while visiting Atlantic City. A top hotel is The Borgata.


  • Steel Pier
  • Atlantic City Boardwalk
  • Borgata Casino


2. Cape May

Do you wish to explore the exemplary architecture of the Victorian era? Cape May is the best place to be! Most visitors don’t expect to be greeted by a city as elegant and timeless as this, surrounded by trendy tourist sites and a boardwalk not far away.

Cape May is America’s oldest beach resort town, and it’s also where its distinctive aesthetic originated. The Emlen Physick Estate, one of Cape May’s most remarkable historic residences, is now a museum available to the public. With their lavish design and exquisite Victorian elements, these magnificent structures appear unique.


  • Emlen Physick Estate


3. Liberty State Park

This Park is the ideal site for weekend fun, with the Statue of Liberty, beautiful city skyline views, and Ellis Island in the background. With plenty of lawn space, it’s the ideal setting for a family picnic and a quick photo session.

You can explore the historic central railroad of the New Jersey Terminal or opt for a ferry ride tour to Ellis Island. Upskill your scientific temperament in the Liberty Science Center filled with fun and interactive activities for all ages.


  • Statue of Liberty
  • Ellis Island

 4. The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

The Hudson River Waterfront Walkway in Jersey City is a 1.5-mile path that runs beside the Hudson River. The walkway provides spectacular views of Manhattan and access to several ferries and hotels.

The Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the plan’s completion and its ongoing maintenance. You can explore the natural beauty of the Hoboken Waterfront with its great riverfront and sunset view. You can also take a quick stroll in Pier a Park.


  • Hudson River
  • Hoboken Waterfront

5. Island Beach State Park

Island Beach is one of the few surviving undeveloped barrier beaches on the north Atlantic coast. It is one of New Jersey’s last extensive vestiges of a barrier island ecosystem that previously existed along most of the coast.

White sand beaches and numerous sand dunes offer a habitat for marine life that is essentially unchanged from thousands of years ago. Here, you can partake in some fantastic swimming Activities here.

This Park also provides excellent opportunities for fishing. This Park is wonderfully vivid. Get your wilderness out by paying a visit to this Park.


  • North Atlantic Coast
  • Inland Ecosystem

6. Ocean City

Ocean City, which has one of New Jersey’s top beaches, offers much more than just sand and surf. The city hosts a wide range of activities for people of all ages. There’s something exciting for everyone. At Corson’s Inlet State Park, you can indulge in some outdoor activities like hiking to rejuvenate yourself.

The renowned Greater Ocean City Theatre Company is there to promote theatrical taste among individuals. You can also visit Corson’s Inlet State Park, home to rich wildlife diversity.

It also offers opportunities for crabbing, hiking, kayaking, etc. You can also Upskill your mental horizon by viewing numerous treasures, artifacts, and memorabilia in the Ocean City Historical Museum.


  • Corson’s Inlet State Park
  • Greater Ocean City Theatre
  • Ocean City Historical Museum


7. Lookout Studio And The Kolb Gallery

A day excursion to the Cape May lighthouse is both historical and fun. The current tower, which is the third known lighthouse on New Jersey’s southern coast, has always been a notable sight and a navigational aid for mariners.

At the top, you would get to experience the view of Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Inside, there are instructive exhibits about the lighthouse’s history, Cape May’s maritime history, and even some information about the lighthouse’s prior keepers.

One of the fascinating aspects of the lighthouse is that it is still utilized to guide navigation! In 1946, the lighthouse was automated, and it is still active today.


  • Delaware Bay
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • Cape May’s Maritime History

8. Wildwood

When you are in New Jersey, exploring Wildwood Beach is a must. From spring until late autumn, the town of Wildwood, New Jersey, swells with visitors who come to enjoy a diverse range of family-friendly activities, including craft exhibits, parades, truck and motocross racing, food, and music festivals, and weekly fireworks.

There are activities scheduled throughout the season and every water and beach activity imaginable. Surfers should bring their boards to Rambler Road Beach, the only beach that allows surfing. For culinary delight, you can visit the Wildwood Farmers Market located Downtown.


  • Rambler Road Beach
  • Wildwood Farmers Market.

9. Six Flags Great Adventure

Unleash your childlike spirit by paying a visit to this Park. It is considered the world’s largest theme park offering you a thrilling experience. There are exhilarating roller coasters, family rides for all ages, performances, and attractions at this theme park.

Even if roller coasters are not your thing, the Park offers gentler rides. The presence of enormous rides is overwhelming for you if you plan to visit this Park with your family. With their wild safari drive, you can explore interactive animal adventures. Restaurants and dining are also available to satisfy your cravings.


  • Exhilarating Roller-coasters

10. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Visit this area and immerse yourself in the great outdoor experience. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is one of Pennsylvania’s most magnificent natural regions.

You can also explore the enriching history of the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area at the Antoine Dutot Museum and Gallery. The museum chronicles the history of the Delaware Water Gap from its earliest settlers through the twentieth century.

Relics from the town’s Victorian resorts, when it was a thriving vacation destination, are featured in the displays. From 1880 until 1930, the Delaware Water Gap was one of the most popular interior tourist sites.


  • Delaware Water Gap
  • Antoine Dutot Museum

Concluding Remarks

From fabulous cities to delectable cuisines, New Jersey has everything to give you that excitement and vibrancy. Hope this information provides you with the inside scoop on all you need to know about your vacation before you begin your journey. Make your trip to New Jersey a memorable one.

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