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10 Visiting Places Of UNESCO World Heritage Site-Petra

Would you believe us if we told you there is a city that was affected by the Nabateans, the Romans, and later a Swiss adventurer named Johann Ludwig Burckhardt?

 In such a case, Petra is the city that is being discussed. Who wouldn’t want to travel to such an intriguing location? The city, which in 2008 was named one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World,” has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic era and is partially carved into the rock and partially constructed.

In Petra, there are so many fascinating places to see that you can’t go wrong. The “Rose City” is the name of the city that is situated between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. has a large number of caverns, temples, and tombs.

10 Spectacular Attractions In Petra

The breathtaking “Rose City,” also known as Raqmu, is located between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea and is half cut and half built. The city, which was founded in the sixth century BC, is the location of numerous well-known tourist sites and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Let’s move on to the many fascinating locations in Petra without further ado.

1. Ad-Deir

If you consider an excursion to be incomplete without trying something new, hike to Al-Deir Monastery in Petra, one of the most incredible sites to see in Petra, Jordan. You’ll be amazed by how beautifully preserved the location is. Not only that, but you may also savour some delicious treats while looking out. Try a cup of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice if you like eating healthy—you’ll be so happy you did.

2. Al Khazneh

The Al Khazneh, one of the most well-known Petra sights, is thought to be the city’s most elaborate and opulent treasure. Exploring the location will feel like going from light to darkness, but we bet you’ll feel enlightened when you leave. Al Khazneh, which in English translates as “The Treasury,” is one of Petra’s most stunning and serene tourist destinations.

3. Royal Tombs

Have you heard of any unusual cemeteries? If so, that’s awesome! In the event that there isn’t, you have to go as quickly as you can to Petra. Although it has suffered greatly from time and erosion and has largely lost its allure, the location is nevertheless significant as a historical landmark. This location, which was first constructed as a church and then as a tomb some 400 years apart, was originally constructed for the Nabatean King Malichus II in the first century AD.

4. Siq

The mysterious passageway known as As-Siq or Siq goes to Petra. Siq, which translates to “shaft” in English, was created when a mountain split in two as a result of tectonic processes. It will be nothing less than a magnificent and slightly frightful experience to travel down this tunnel, where the walls loom above your head. But it’s all worthwhile because As-Siq is one of Petra’s most significant and desirable tourist destinations.

5. Colonnaded Street

To believe it, you must see it. Colonnaded Street is one of the areas to visit in Petra if that’s how you roll. The roadway, which was constructed in 106 AD, shows the city’s Roman influence. Colonnaded Street, which follows the conventional layout of an east-west oriented decamanus, features shops on both sides, making it impossible to overlook this one.

6. Petra Theatre 

The Petra Theater is a rock structure that was constructed in the first century AD by the Nabateans. It can originally accommodate 3,000 people. When the Romans arrived, the theatre was extended, and its capacity rose to 7000. The theatre was destroyed by an earthquake that occurred in 363 BC, and it was later further disassembled to make way for other buildings. But it continues to rank among the most significant Petra tourist attractions.

7. High Place Of Sacrifice

The High Place of Sacrifice is the one location in Petra you must visit if you want the best views of Jordan. You may hike to the High Place of Sacrifice, one of the most approachable and accessible high spots to see in Petra, Jordan. If you don’t feel like walking, you may also ride a donkey for just JD 10 instead (INR 1015). When animal sacrifices were still practiced and there was a need to channel the blood, the location was constructed atop Jebel Madbah.

8. Qasr al-Bint

One of the most fascinating spots to visit in Petra is a 76-foot edifice that is thought to be the city’s most significant temple. It is known that the walls of Qasr Al-Bint were formerly brightly painted and decorated with carvings of several god busts. One of the main Petra attractions and the only freestanding structure in the city is the Qasr al-Bint.

9. The Treasury

Treasury is Petra’s oldest and most well-known temple, at 40 meters high. On urns left by Bedouin tourists in the Treasury, there are bullet manufacturers. To support the notion, they are beautifully adorned with Corinthian capitals and figurines. At the entryway are statues of the twin’s Castor and Pollux, and on its upper level are figures of dancing Amazons. All of the characters are from Greek mythology. The Treasury’s initial intent is still a mystery. Hollywood uses it, most notably in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

10. Street of Facades

There is a lengthy street of impressive graves that line the façade. It has grindstone as decorations. Some tombs were thought to be those of the city’s princes or other high leaders. Tombs are affixed to a few of the valley’s walls. However, flooding has severely ruined most of its facade.


What Petra is renowned for?

Petra is renowned for its architecture and historical sites, and it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

Are there any limitations for those who want to arrive in the future days or weeks?

A pre-departure PCR test is not necessary as of March 2022 for international travelers to Jordan, regardless of their vaccination status.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Petra?

The summer and spring months, which run from May to September, are the greatest times to visit Petra. This time of year, the temperature varies from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius.

How do you get about Petra?

Since Petra is so small, getting there just requires a form of transportation like a bus or automobile; nonetheless, walking is the ideal way to explore the area.

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