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Tips For Daily Day Trading From KuCoin

KuCoin offers KYC verification and industry-standard safety features. In addition to its safety features like multi-factor authentication and encryption, KuCoin offers users a separate password for trading. This password is added to users’ regular login data and is needed to form trades or withdraw assets. It provides another layer of protection, an uncommon security feature among crypto exchanges. In addition to trading fees, KuCoin charges withdrawal fees that fluctuate by plus and are subject to varying supported market performance. Deposits are free on this exchange. You can also trade apt usdt and xrp usdt on KuCoin. Here we discuss the strategy of day trading by KuCoin.

Day Crypto Trading

Day trading is a technique of finance in wherever a trader opens positions throughout one day and closes all at the tip of the day. The most feature is that the trader closes his position at the tip of the trading day. A trader should consider several factors if he can maintain the complete quantity of cash invested. However, suppose you want to form loads of cash. In that case, you must shut several positions throughout the operating day. One of the benefits of this strategy is that it permits even long investors to double their holdings. You must possess a correct crypto-day trading strategy and an understanding of basic and technical analysis. Most day traders believe in technical analyses for building the proper trade ideas. They use value action, volumes, chart patterns, and alternative indicators to spot entry and exit opportunities for creating their investment selections.

Why Day Trade Crypto?

The primary reason to day-trade crypto is to form profits. Cryptocurrency costs are much more volatile than the other plus category, which presents a chance for traders with data on the market. The crypto market can be moneymaking as long as you have a solid crypto day trading strategy and may analyze trends. Day trading crypto is additionally nice. As a result, it offers short-run opportunities. Instead of holding or taking long positions, you’ll be able to day trade and benefit from the market in such a brief amount.

Crypto Day Trading Strategy


This technique involves creating several trades at intervals of a brief time to require advantage of a crypto’s volatility. Once crypto is often rising and falling in worth, a trader might want to affix the party and obtain, then sell quickly once the worth rises simply a touch. If the trader does this enough times in an exceedingly day, with enough cash, they might return with massive overall gains. Some day traders even use bots to assist them in creating a lot of trades.

Bot Trading

Day traders will conduct quite one trading session directly by programming crypto trading bots to shop for and sell at sure times or at specific costs and parameters they’ve set to maximize their profits. If day traders program package significant application programming Interfaces (APIs), they’ll presumably program bots to travel forth and arrange to conquer the crypto market.

News and Sentiment Analysis

Keeping up with the newest news from thought and trade sources will assist you in keeping trends and predicting what seems to happen – whether or not a demand for specific cryptocurrencies can seemingly rise or fall supported by what folks voice communication, not solely within the news however conjointly on social media sites. Some use Twitter to summarise crypto market sentiment: positive tweets might indicate an increase in worth for a selected coin, whereas negative ones could warn of a fall.

Technical analysis

This technique is also a go-to for people who like logic to intuition within the crypto day-trading game. Before putting bets with buys and sells, a trader will examine the information of the crypto they’re trading, like its value over time and the way a lot of it’s being listed versus what proportion exists. Whereas technical indicators will facilitate traders in deciding what trades to require, they need to be foolproof.


KuCoin offers multiple choices for client support, tho’ almost like several competitors, you can only contact somebody indirectly over the phone or via email. However, users will interact in an exceedingly live chat to induce answers to basic queries or submit asking for help to facilitate many difficult problems. KuCoin conjointly offers a support page that can be helpful if you wish to facilitate navigating the location or its options and tools. We also mentioned some best-day trading strategies from KuCoin.

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