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Supermicro is a leading technology company dedicated to providing innovative hardware solutions to its customers worldwide. They provide top-quality products backed with top-quality products from designing and manufacturing designing and manufacturing servers, workstations, switches, embedded boards, motherboards, expansion cards, data storage devices, rack-mountable equipment, network and telecommunications, and display monitors, and system management platforms, superior customer service and support. They are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability through developing green technologies and eco-designs for their products. Supermicro’s goal is to build an organization capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow’s markets. To achieve these goals, they strive to hire individuals who share their philosophy and vision and recognize the value of teamwork, collaboration, integrity, respect for others, creativity, fun, enthusiasm, ownership, and excellence. 

Enterprise 5G: This product offers a complete enterprise 5G cloud infrastructure based on commercial standards and a wide range of customized services to meet customers’ requirements. Its main components include a 5G radiofrequency (RF) front end for signal reception and transmission, a PMIC for power management, a PON transceiver module, a multi-core CPU, a PCIe expansion card, and a storage device. Since most enterprise networks use optical fiber cables as their backbone, this product provides high-performance data transmission between these backbone cables. In addition, since it features an ultra-low power consumption design, it minimizes energy consumption and allows enterprises to operate 5G networks without requiring additional power supplies. Furthermore, by implementing the latest 5G core technologies, such as MEC/SAE, SDN, VNFs, NFV, AI, etc., this product also facilitates the deployment of smart cities and industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

HGX Server: The HGX server is a series of all-in-one servers explicitly designed for HPC applications. They have been optimized for running the SAP HANA database and SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP), which are widely used in the scientific and technical fields. These servers offer a variety of powerful functions, including 24 Intel Xeon E7 v2 processors, two NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs, PCI Express Gen3 x16 slots, 32 GB DRAM, and an 8 KB L1 cache, an 18 MB shared memory, and four SATA 6 Gb/s ports. There are three models available in this product line: 16-, 20-, and 24-node versions. For example, the 16-node version offers one 1U chassis, four 2.5″ drive bays, two SAS ports, eight hot-pluggable power supply connectors, and one RJ45 LAN port. Another advantage of these servers is they can easily integrate many devices through the PCIe slot, such as NVDIMMs, SSDs, or hard disk drives. Furthermore, the HGX servers are highly scalable and can be expanded to accommodate additional nodes. Due to the superior performance and convenience of being able to add nodes on demand, the HGX server has become the preferred choice among HPC centers around the world for supercomputing, big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other demanding computational applications.

Rack Server: The rack server is a high-performance computing platform for mid-sized businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even home users. It integrates a single socket processor board, a motherboard, and RAM modules into a compact unit. It is mainly used to run business-critical applications, such as accounting software, ERP solutions, eCommerce websites, CRM systems, etc. Rack servers require less space and consume less electricity than traditional computers, making them ideal for those who want to save money and resources.

Dual Processor Rackmount Server: These are dual processor rack mount servers that combine a dual processor motherboard and a dual processor daughtercard. These servers deliver peak performance and high availability in mission-critical applications. They incorporate many proprietary technologies to ensure better stability and efficiency, including dual CPUs, dual fan cooling, dual power supplies, and dual redundant power supplies.

Data Center Server: The data center server is a dedicated server designed specifically for hosting web and application servers, databases, virtual machines, and other IT workloads in a data center environment. It usually comes equipped with 64 GB of DDR4 memory, two 10k SAS disks, and one NVMe SSD. It supports 24 cores of computation from AMD’s EPYC processors, enabling you to run your software faster than ever.

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