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Kenn Whitaker: know about Bio, Age, Brother, Family, Career, Net Worth

Kenn Whitaker is one of the prominent personalities in the entertainment world of America. He is an actor by profession who has appeared in several films and TV shows. He makes a mark in both cinemas and the TV industry. People also recognize Kenn as his elder brother, Forest Whitaker, who looks like a twin to him. The Public wants to know the difference between the brothers but many of them end up being confused, everytime. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the Most Wanted film’s bus guard #2. So here we are going to tell you about this amazing personality, Kenn Whitaker.

Who Is Kenn Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker is an American actor who has done many inspiring roles in his films and shows, which made a lot of fans for him. Kenn Whitaker was born in the lands of Longview, Texas, USA and he belongs to a mixed ethnicity.  He made his acting extremely prominent and likable due to his purity and essence which he added to every one of his films. 

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker is Kenn’s birth name which he changed to Kenn Whitaker after entering the film industry. He has done many popular films including Most Wanted(1997), Bulworth(1998), and Last Days(2001). Kenn is also famous as the twin of Forest Whitaker, an American actor, and winner of many prestigious awards, who is his brother but not a twin. Kenn and Forest look soo much similar that people often confuse recognizing them. 

Kenn Whitaker’s Age, Height, and Weight

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker is a 59-year-old man, whose birthday comes on the 8th of June every year, and his birth year is 1963. He is a high and lofty man with a height of 5 feet and 9 inches and bears a body weight of 75 kg.

Kenn Whitaker’s Early Life and Education

Kenn was born in Longview, Texas in the family of a couple Laura Francis and Forest E Whitaker Jr. 

Laura was a teacher of special education and she also acquired 2 master’s degrees while baby cribbing. Forest K Whitaker Jr. was an insurance salesman. Both of them belong to different and special ancestries, Laura was of Akan descent and Forest Jr. belonged to Igbo ancestry. 

The Whitaker family has 4 children, one of them is Kenn and he has 3 siblings, 2 brothers, Forest Whitaker(older one) and Damon Whitaker(Younger one), and 1 sister, Deborah Whitaker, who is also younger than Kenn. 

The Whitaker family moved from Texas to California when Kenn was very young. He attended his primary school in Texas and then joined a local school in California for elementary and higher studies, however, the names of the schools are not revealed by the actor. Kenn is a college graduate who just acquired his degree to enter the film industry with dignity. After completion of his graduation, he started to focus on his acting career.

Kenn Whitaker’s Career

Kenn wanted to be a megastar like his brother forest, so started to work hard and started the search for his first film. 

He gave many auditions and interviews and after a lot of uphill battles, he got his first film in 1997 which was Most Wanted, in which he played the role of a bus guard that made the best debut anyone can ever get. This film is still considered the all-time-best movie of Kenn Whitaker and he got a massive appreciation for his role and acting. 

In 1998, he appeared in “Tracey Takes On” and “Bulworth”. 

In 1999, he appeared opposite Martin Lawrence and Edie Murphy in Life 1999. Kenn also got tremendous appreciation and popularity at a broad level for this movie as well. He also did “Party of Fives”, in the same year. 

In 2001, Kenn did 2 movies, “The Theory of the Leisure Class” and “Last Days”. 

Kenn Whitaker’s Personal Life

Kenn Whitaker’s existing relational social standing is uncertain. He has so far not disclosed any information about his romance or lady friend.

Kenn Whitaker’s Net Worth

According to 2022 source information, his aggregate valuation is forecasted to be roughly $1 million. Nevertheless, his base salary is kept secret. Forest, his brother, has managed to amass over $30 million in financial resources. Making motion pictures is one of the highest-paying jobs anywhere in the world.

As a result of his manifestations across many movies, he makes a significant amount of money. Regardless, he could indeed generate income through advertising, branding, and advertising. lisa kudrow The man has so many finances that he can conveniently use to live a lavish lifestyle.

Kenn Whitaker’s Social Media Presence

Despite being an actor, Kenn keeps his personal life away from the glamor and glitter of social media. He is not available on any social media platform.


Who is Ken Whitaker?

Kevin Whitaker is indeed an American entertainer and Forest Whitaker’s brother by blood.

He is noted for what?

Kenn Whitaker is particularly noted for his contribution to the movie Most Wanted (1997).

When was he born?

Ken Whitaker was born on June 8, 1998.

Where was he born?

He was born in the Western portion of Harrison county in Longview, Texas, the USA as Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker.

What is his net worth?

According to 2022 source information, his aggregate valuation is forecasted to be roughly $1 million.

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