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Buy Latest Designer Kanchipuram Indian Wedding Saree Online

Wedding silk sarees are extremely popular today. A few decades ago, not many people paid a lot of attention or money that was spent on wedding clothes for the bride and groom.

It was always special and was intended to be unique, but today, the wedding attire industry has ballooned up as more and more people are willing to spend thousands or even a million on their dresses.

In India, Silk sarees and Lehengas are the most fashionable choice for brides and bridesmaids. Kanchipuram Saree, Banarasi Saree, Organza saree or Lehengas made from a mix of materials are extremely popular amongst North and South Indians.

South Indians and East Indians are more conservative today and still prefer the Indian Silk sarees over the fashionable lehengas. North Indians and West Indians are traditionally drawn to Lehengas as is customary in many of the regions culturally.

Indian Wedding Silk Sarees

When it comes to weddings, Silk sarees take precedence over anything else. Only a small section of the Indian population in the northern and western parts of India choose lehengas and similar attires. Still, most Indians traditionally choose either a cotton saree or a pure silk saree owing to its grandeur and purity.

Silk is associated with religion and culture and is synonymous with purity, piety and holiness. Indian goddesses in temples are adorned with expensive silk sarees, and that is the highest value that Indians give to silk as a material fabric.

Naturally, these values extend to all religious ceremonies, especially Indian weddings, where the bride and groom are expected to be dressed in silk clothing.

Regarding silk sarees, India has more than a handful of options. There are many kinds of silk sarees, each originating from a popular destination and with religious and cultural influence from that particular area.

For example, the Kanchipuram saree originates from Kanchipuram town in South India, famously known for its amazing temples with a rich history of kings and queens that is usually depicted as designs on these temples carvings. The craftsmen also use these designs in their sarees, and therefore each saree tells a tale from the yesteryears.

Banarasi Silk Sarees hail from Varanasi, a holy town in North India on the banks of the river Ganga. The Banarasi silk sarees owe their significance to Mughal Emperors, who adorned the Banarasi silk weaving technique and made it their royal attire.

Many decades after the kingdom fell, Banarasi silk sarees and Lehengas became one of the most prized possessions for those who wanted to own something unique and elegant for their weddings. In this way, every single kind of silk saree in India has a religious and cultural background and a unique history attached to them.

Buying Authentic Kanchipuram Wedding Saree Online

It is much easier to lay hands on an authentic Kanchipuram Wedding saree than many years ago. Due to the popularisation of e-commerce, many retailers buy directly from the weavers and sell online through their websites.

The only word of caution is that many websites have counterfeit products, so one must know which brand or retailer to buy authentic and original sarees from. Kanchipuram silk sarees are the epitome of cultural heritage in India, and it is truly an honor to be able to buy these unique and grand sarees through online retailers.

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