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Investing in a Set of Dream Clubs

Golf clubs, balls, tees, a pitchfork (divot tool), and a ball marker are the minimum for a newbie. Golf shoes are recommended for use with certain clubs like Titleist TS12, and a golf glove is helpful for everyone. Even a novice may get started with only a few clubs. 

The typical cost of a set of golf clubs for a novice?

An entry-level set of golf clubs may be purchased for $350-$500, while a high-performance set can cost $500-$900. Expensive custom-made sets with cutting-edge technology may be more than $2000. An excellent starter kit for under $1000 may be obtained.

Choosing the Right Set of Golf Clubs

What golf club size do you need?

Golfers between 5’7″ and 6’1″ heights usually use standard-length clubs. The length of Titleist TS12 must be adjusted upwards by roughly a quarter inch if you are shorter or taller than the average user. Changing the club’s length by a significant amount is usually unnecessary.

The distance from your wrists to the floor while standing tall is more important than your height. Standard golf clubs tend to work well for taller players with longer arms.

Which golf club manufacturer should you go with?

Almost every major golf equipment manufacturer also has a range of clubs aimed squarely at amateurs and those looking to improve their game vastly. Names like Callaway, TaylorMade, Cleveland, Tour Edge, and Cobra are often associated with high-quality sets of clubs suitable for amateur golfers.

Which golf irons should you buy?

Trying out different irons is the greatest approach to figure out which ones will work best for your swing. To locate the best irons, visit a nearby golf store or driving range that offers demo clubs.

Investing in Better Golf Equipment

  • Does wear occur in golf irons?

Wear and tear are inevitable with golf irons. In particular, the golf iron’s grooves will get dull with time. However, because of the decreased backspin, you will have less control over the trajectory and range of your strokes.

Hundreds of holes and thousands of swings are required for this to occur. While it is possible to regroove certain golf clubs, many players believe that upgrading their equipment is the preferable option.

  • The question is, how long should a set of golf clubs last?

You may expect three to ten years out of a high-quality set of golf clubs. But after roughly five years, you’ll see that the golf clubs’ technology is becoming antiquated. For the most part, technological advancements in golf clubs have been rapid, resulting in longer and more forgiving clubs. However, predicting how this trend will continue is difficult.

  • Can you still use a set of golf clubs that is 20 years old?

Although golf clubs that are 20 years old won’t break, they’ll be considerably more challenging to use than modern clubs due to advancements in the sport. It’s OK to use golf clubs that are 20 years old if you play the game once or twice a year for social events or to enjoy with friends. However, if you are starting in golf or are a serious player, you probably do more harm than good by using clubs over 20 years old.

  • Where should you start when looking to replace your clubs?

You should replace your old irons with a new driver, wedges, or putter to improve your game. Drivers, wedges, and putters are the most costly to produce, so if you’re starting with a basic set, it’s usually a good idea to invest in new versions of these clubs first.

Upgrades to your wedges and putters will have the most significant effect on your score. Driver technology evolves rapidly, so your entry-level driver will probably need to be replaced within two to three years.

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