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10 New Year’s Resolutions to Revive Your Mental Health

American Psychological Association has recently conducted a post-COVID-19 research study to understand the impact of the pandemic on people’s psychological health. This survey has revealed a constant growth in the number of patients coming with trauma-related problems, while mental health issues related to anxiety and depression are reported highest. The patients coming for mental healing aren’t only affected mentally, but they also report associated issues like drug addiction.

Before kick-starting the new year, you must be wary of your mental well-being, physical health, and other wellness goals. This article will discuss ten ways to revive your mental health.

1. Approach a psychotherapist

As simple as this advice may sound, seeing a professional therapist or psychiatrist is essential to cure the underlying issues of your implicit or explicit mental illnesses. A psychotherapist isn’t only to help you cope with grave mental issues like dysfunctional behaviors or suicidal tendencies. They can be sought for any signs of emotional distress.

We all go through several life transitions at personal and professional levels. There are moments when unaddressed traumas start impacting us negatively in the form of suppressed emotions or solitude. Fortunately, a certified therapist can help you transition through these difficult life journeys.

2. Overcome addictions

Addictions are the false escape from reality and real-life problems, eventually becoming a persistent human behavior. These addictions are hard to get rid of, deteriorating overall well-being. US National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reports that the majority of drug addict people are young and teenagers. Unsurprisingly, such unhealthy habits lead to rapid mental health decline.

To combat addictive habits, you can turn to reliable facilities such as and explore their services. Surveying their website will enable you to make an efficient decision for tackling addiction.

3.  Socialize with positive people

Another way to improve your mental health is to work on your social circle. If you’re constantly fighting negative thoughts and feel belittled even after meeting your friends, it’s an indicator that you’re surrounded by the wrong people.

You spread and consume energy from the people in your surroundings. If your friends constantly complain about things, gossip about people, or implicitly make sarcastic comments; they are a major source of your mental illness. So, make new friends who are supportive and encouraging, and let go of those who adversely impact your mental well-being.

4. Soak the sunlight

Undoubtedly, sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D and has immense healing powers. Humankind had to face “diseases of darkness” like tuberculosis and rickets with the glory of industrialization because of a lack of access to sunlight.

Moreover, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or winter blues, is a type of depression caused due to decreased amount of sunlight. And it impacts many people around the world. SAD affects your internal body clock, leading to depression, social withdrawal, or eating disorders. So, ensure to get enough sunlight daily to combat depression and build positivity and vigor.

5. Commit to self-care

This coming year take a pledge to spare some “me” time for yourself from your busy schedule. As much as you care about achieving professional, personal, or family goals, you should care about yourself equally.

Listen to your mind and body. If you feel tired, then take a rest. Go to your favorite spa or try some retail therapy. Do anything that makes you feel good about yourself, and you will see its impact on your mental well-being.

6. Avoid people-pleasing behaviors

Most people let go of their inner peace to please others or fulfill the expectations of peers or society. Be mindful of your energy and time in the year 2023. Prioritize where you want to spend most of these personal resources and firmly stick to your priorities.

Learn to say “no” when your peace is being compromised. For example, you might be burdened with doing extra work favors for your coworkers and have to compromise your scheduled plans. It’s about time to disappoint them and not carry any baggage of guilt. It is yet another form of self-care to ensure your mental peace and health.

7. Resume or adopt a hobby

Just think over the left-out hobbies that once made you feel content and happy, and now you have abandoned them because you’re too busy achieving other goals.

Have you noticed that this abandonment has left you void and deprived you of an opportunity to explore yourself? Rather it has jeopardized your mental well-being and internal contentment. This new year, make a promise to yourself to resume those hobbies or start a new one, like clay art, painting, or baking.

8. Indulge in physical activity

While physical activities are crucial for staying fit and healthy, they also boost psychological well-being. Go for a walk or jog in your neighborhood. You can also consider learning a new sport like tennis.

Physical activity helps detox your body and brain. The increased blood circulation increases your alertness and attention span, which are significant factors in enhancing your mental health.

9. Learn emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence or emotional regulation is among the most debated topics these days. Studies have shown that the core reason adults exhibit emotional distress or dysfunctional behaviors is due to their childhood discrepancies or traumas. Such abusive behaviors turn them into vulnerable adults who have long suppressed their emotions. They become unaware of their needs and emotions, resulting in their harmful behavior.

Sometimes the situation isn’t that grave. Maybe you need to learn anger management to cope with your aggressive behavior. Or maybe you need to work on change or crisis management to deal with anxiety related to your life transitions. As a new year resolution, learn how you will deal with your emotions in the best possible way.

10. Be grounded in the moment

Anxiety and stress are the main culprits in damaging our mental health. One of the reasons behind this is that most people are either carrying past regrets or are too anxious about their future. Such preoccupied people do not tend to enjoy the moments they’re living in nor appreciate the present time.

So, resolve to be present and grateful for the moment you are breathing in. Look around and learn to find small joys like a giggling child in a park or a deep blue sky.


Life is a roller coaster ride. You are happy one day and sad the other day. What you need to do is to focus on yourself. For the new year, make reviving your mental health a priority. And to achieve this, follow our tips. Get rid of your addictions and traumas and start your healing journey for a better and prosperous new year. Likewise, build meaningful connections, remain physically active, and learn to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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