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WPC2021: Registration, Login, LIVE Dashboard And More Details

The sabong matches have arrived in the form of a new website, WPC2021 and it comes with some new features and functions along with new fun and enjoyment. 

WPC2021 can be enjoyed without spending a penny. The candidates just have to submit some details about themselves and they will be ready to access the live dashboard of WPC2021. 

What is WPC2021 LIVE?

WPC2021 is a sabong platform whose access will be gained after creating an account after registering it and then participants can log in to the LIVE Dashboards and enjoy the functions of online sabong matches. 

But before you start using the WPC2021 website, make sure that you have a Microsoft account because it is a must for playing WPC2021. So, if you don’t have an account then set up one. 

Now, let’s discuss the several processes required to access the wpc2021 website.

Registration for WPC2021

The most important thing needed to start the registration process for WPC2021 is to have a Microsoft account because through it the player can use different Microsoft applications that will be helpful in WPC2021 like Office, Skype, or Outlook. 

So, for the registration process, follow the following given steps-

  • Search for the official website of WPC2021 which is
  • It will take you to the dashboard login page but for accessing the LIVE dashboard, you need to create an account through registration, so below you’ll see an option of “create an account”, just click on that.
  • A screen will open that will ask you to fill in your common details like your first name, last name, email address, mobile number, date of birth, etc. and most importantly, you have to create a username and a strong password that will be needed to enter for dashboard login. 
  • Complete all those steps.
  • Once you have completely filled them, you’ll be asked to verify your email address by sending a code to your email and you have to fill it in a given box.
  • Once your mail gets verified, your registration process will be complete and your account is created. 

WPC2021 Live Dashbord Login

WPC2021 live dashboard login is the first thing that online sabong players will see after visiting WPC2021 Live Dashboard Login’s official website is, where users can access WPC2021 Live Dashboard Login.

Access to WPC2021 LIVE Dashboard

After completing the registration process, it is very easy to access the LIVE Dashboard of WPC2021. But before logging into it, you’ll be asked to give an age proof because it must be more than 21 years old for playing the WPC2021. Once you verify it, we can move forward.

Open the Dashboard section present on the official website of WPC2021, You have to fill in your username and password, created by you at the time of registration. 

Once you fill it in, press on login and you’ll be directed to the LIVE dashboard of the WPC2021.

Disadvantages of WPC2021 

  • The live dashboard of WPC2021 does not display the scores which creates a lack of awareness for the players toward their performances. 
  • Its instrumental board does not function properly which leads to improper visuals of the LIVE game.
  • Microsoft account is compulsory to participate in LIVE events otherwise you can’t watch the matches. 
  • There are many technical errors during the login process.

Advantages of WPC2021

  • Easy to use.
  • Full enjoyment.
  • Live matches.
  • No need to enter your bank details at the time of registration.
  • Amazing prizes
  • Best for free time.

Is WPC2021 Legal?

WPC2021 is a platform, created by the Philippines residents, where sabong matches are very common and even we can say it’s their tradition. So, they play these matches with complete legality and some of them have created these online platforms for an ocean of masses who became eager to watch and participate in these sabongs but are unable to do so because cock-fighting is banned in their respective countries. WPC2021 allows them to participate in sabong fights and wager on their favorite cock by sitting at their homes. 

It is completely safe and legal to participate in these sabong matches and register for WPC2021. 


WPC2021 is a platform that enables the public to watch the LIVE wars between the cocks. This Philippine digital platform allows the public to participate in these matches virtually. WPC2021 comes with some new approaches that make it a little bit distinctive from other sabong platforms and that is, it needs a Microsoft account to access the live dashboard of WPC2021. Without a Microsoft account, one can’t be able to use applications like Skype, which is necessary for viewing LIVE matches.  However, there are many disadvantages present on this site which are also mentioned in the above-given article. 


What is WPC2021?

It is an online sabong platform whose access will be gained after creating an account after registering it and then participants can log in to the LIVE Dashboards and enjoy the functions of online sabong matches.

Does it require a Microsoft account to get access to its dashboard?

Yes, a Microsoft account is compulsory.

Is it safe to register on it?

Yes, it is a completely secure platform.

What if you don’t have a Microsoft account?

You have to create it.

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