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What to look for when hiring for the IT department?


Choosing the right IT professional can be quite a daunting task. There are many things to consider while hiring the right fit for your company, including an employee’s skill set. Here is a list of criteria that an IT recruiter in Sydney considers before hiring someone:

The Australian IT industry is overgrowing and is expected to continue, with a projected 4.5% growth rate for 2020-2021. The high demand for developers and software engineers has led to a talent shortage and increased use of temporary workers. The lack of skilled workers has also led to a significant increase in the number of IT recruitments in Sydney who focus on matching IT professionals with opportunities at companies around Australia.

  • Communication skills

Communication skills are the most important. Communication includes listening and speaking, two skills that can improve your business’s success.

Good communication is essential in IT departments because they need to be able to communicate with customers, team members and vendors. This is especially true for customer service representatives, who must be able to listen carefully and effectively convey information for customers to feel satisfied with their interactions.

  • Problem-solving

Problem-solving skills are an essential part of being an IT professional. When hiring a candidate for your IT department, ensure they have demonstrated the ability to deal with problems logically and systematically. Candidates who are successful at solving problems will be able to help their coworkers with similar issues, which makes them valuable team members.

  • Assessing Risk, Thoroughness

In addition to asking questions about the skills and experience of your potential employees, you should also consider their risk assessment and thoroughness. We’ll discuss assessing risk in a minute, but first, let’s talk about thoroughness.

To assess the thoroughness of an employee, an IT recruiter in Sydney will ask them what they would do if they found an error on your website or app.

  • Technical Skills

One of the most important aspects of hiring someone for an IT position is their technical skills. However, there are other things you should look at when evaluating candidates. You will want to ensure that they have the right balance of soft and hard skills.

With regards to technical skills:

· The person should be able to use a variety of platforms like Windows 10/8/7 (desktop), Android/iOS (mobile), Mac OS X and Linux (server).

· Candidates should know how networks work, including firewalls, routers etc., Virtual Private Networks (VPN), wireless access points and switches for off-site connections

  • Tech Savvy, Customer Service Oriented

· Tech Savvy. This is an essential quality for any IT worker, especially when working for a company that deals with technology-based products and services.

· Customer Service Oriented. As you may know, the customer is the king of business. The best way to keep your customers happy is by providing them excellent service at all times and with every employee, not just one or two people on your team.

  • Business Acumen

· Business Acumen: This is the ability to understand how the business works and make decisions that can help improve it. The person needs to know how to sell, close deals, use data to make decisions and, more importantly, have a passion for sales.

· Technical Skills: You will be hiring someone who is well versed in technology so they can manage your network infrastructure and systems. They need to have good technical skills as well as communication skills so they can effectively communicate with different teams within your company

  • Tenacity, Resilience and Confidence to Ask Questions

Getting the answers to questions is an integral part of the hiring process, and it’s equally important to ask the right questions. It would be best if you were prepared to answer any question a candidate asks in return, but you must also ask questions yourself. The more prepared and knowledgeable you are, the more confident you’ll feel when questioning candidates.


Hiring an IT department is crucial to running a successful business, but it can also be challenging. You want to find someone who can build your company’s infrastructure and keep it running smoothly, but many factors go into finding the right person for the job.

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