Monday, March 20, 2023

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Titan Got Funded Big this Time, Almost $30 Million from Automattic

Emails have become a vital component of our lives in the modern world. It is a situation that must be handled virtually daily, especially in the marketing and business worlds where interactions with professionals are essential. Titan, an email application created by Bhavin Turakhia, has received SMBS Series A funding of $30 million from Automattic, which holds WordPress. Titan offers a range of business services for small and medium enterprises.

Automattic’s significant investments have been in PocketCasts, a podcasting platform, and the blogging website Tumblr. Automattic has earlier invested in 11 startup blogging platforms, across web development, internet media solutions, enterprise tech, and SaaS. Titan is a unit of Nova, which also runs the communication and teamwork app Flock. In 2018, Nova CEO Bhavin Turakhianow employed over 120 people across its offices in India, the Middle East, and the US.

Titan SMBS $300M Series

According to the company, the Titan SMBS Series is valued at $300 million, and this transaction is Automattic’s single largest investment yet. Through the financing, Titan will broaden its customer base and market its email suite to Automattic and WordPress many users. Titan’s next-generation corporate email package seeks to shake up the email industry. Titan states that it already has more than 100,000 customers, with close to 70% of them being paid users, and is only accessible to users through its collaborations with top web providers, like

Titan Email High Tech Features

Titan’s users can use several email accounts from the same interface and transfer their email from other email providers, such as Gmail. Android and iOS native apps are available from Titan.

Titan’s incorporated calendar enables communication among team members and visitors on all recent email systems. the Send Later function in the Titan email suite enables users to plan emails at the best times, and Read Receipts, which notifies users when their receivers have opened an email, are just two of the many features available. Email Templates store commonly sent responses for re-use and Follow-up Reminders prompt follow-ups on unanswered emails.

The Chinese Unicorn Future Goals

Matt Mullenweg claims that they are optimistic about Titan’s future. Titan now collaborates with renowned web presence providers like WordPress. In other words, Titan is accessible to everyone who pays for a three-month WordPress subscription. They are certain that their investment will result in a top-notch suite that provides a custom user experience with a carefully selected dashboard that enables customers to own and govern their data. Titan hopes to use this investment to increase the value it offers to its devoted clients and prospective new users and also broaden its product offering.

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