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The notable contributors who are expected to perform really well in ICC world cup T20

The international season along with the IPL, has had a decent ending a few months back. There have been a few domestic and foreign players who have delivered spectacular performances throughout the current IPL season. Come, the ICC world cup T20 is around the turn, and the teams are keen to  observe the individuals ranking in the performances.

This is a format that is really exciting, and within a few balls, the game can swing to be in the favour of the other team. Just a team requires an impact player or someone who is able to bail them out from these crunch situations. Let us flip through the players who are expected to make a major impact in this edition of the world cup.

Wanindu Hasaranga

He is expected to play a pivotal role for Sri Lanka in the present edition of the world cup. In the first two games, his performance has not been up to the mark, and the team has gone on to struggle big time. RCB went on to churn in a whooping 10.75 crores on this player at the last IPL auction. Each and every ball he has bowled has been successful in justifying the price tag attached to him. His wrong one has attracted a lot of attention. It is really difficult to distinguish between his Googly and the stock ball.

Here is a bowler who is really hard to pick, and he is known to have a delivery known as the flipper. In some cases, he looks to be a batsman who has to be beaten in the air. Even the ICC has gone on to rate him highly. One thing is for sure he is the face of the Sri Lankan team and due to his heroics, they won the Asia cup. After the retirement of a few senior players, the team was in a stage of transition, and this is one player who has been a major force to reckon with.

Shaheen Shah Afridi

Back from an injury scare, this player from Pakistan is expected to create flutters in this world cup. It is fair to say that he is the best left-handed bowler in the world at this present moment with Mitchell Starc also in the race.. His tracking to the team was nothing short of a miracle when a few of the bowlers in Pakistan lost their form.

People from India will take note of his performance as in the last T 20 world cup, and he was solely responsible for India losing the plot. His in-swing deliveries and the Indian batsman had no clue and the top order of India was clueless. Since his pace is in the high bracket of 140 km batsmen, tend to be clueless when they are facing him.

Suryakumar Yadav

This MI Indian player is playing for India, and currently, he is going through a purple match. He is ranked among the top 5 T-20 batsmen in the world and there is a specific reason. He is one of the few players in the world who has 360-degree shots.  At the age of 30 years he went on to make his debut he has made up his presence in more than a single way. The best part about the player is that he has the support of Rohit Sharma and Rahul Dravid. Though he was picked for the 2021 edition of the world cup, he did not get many opportunities, but this world cup, he is one of the players to watch out in this list.

The time has come for its rise and trust me, he is a player who is expected to go the entire distance. It’s high time he used his success with the Mumbai Indians to perform well for the Indian team in addition to winning important games for them.. His cover drives and his accolades with the short ball have gone on to crave out all the attention in the last few years.

Liam Livingstone

A stick of pocket dynamite and a complete package on all counts. One thing is for sure he is a team man, and he can play in any mode you want. He can build innings, and when the need arises, he can strike the big shots too. Apart from that, his part-time bowling skills and fielding too, have gone on to grab a lot of attention. His six-hitting is immense, and still, he has hit one of the biggest six in the domain of world cricket.

If you compare the top distance covered in terms of sixes, he ranks among the top 5 in the world. Not only there are mere sixes, but they work out to be monstrous sixes. If you see the sixes hit by him, it can toy with the confidence of the bowler. His strengths are very much in line with the latest standards that is being played by the English cricket team

The other notable mentions

Our list does not end with these few players, but there are a few others who could go on to make their presence felt in this edition of the world cup. Mitchell Marsh is one such name that crops up, as his batting and bowling skills deserve a special mention. He is pretty keen to replicate his performance in this present world cup. Well, who can forget his remarkable the last final of the world cup?

He experienced his fair share of injuries, and he was in and out of the team. But every time he returns, it is a triumph, and he performs admirably. Shane Watson’s replacement, he has earned the title.

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