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Controlling The Influence Of Social Media On Students Via Censorship

Social media influences the people a lot at a vast level. People share their thoughts on social media and read as well. Social media has become a medium to acquire knowledge and share knowledge and information too. Social media has made it easy for people to get into contact with each other and also it has improved the interaction level of people.

Two people from any corner of the world can interact with each other. People use social media on a daily basis without giving a thought to the positive or negative impact of it. Same thing is happening with students too. They give their most of the time to social media sometimes in the name of learning and sometimes in the name of entertainment.

The perception behind this is social media helps students to acquire knowledge, information and let them perform research work at a broad level. Social media is very tempting too hence students get attracted towards it very easily to get into the current trend floating in society.

Social media is giving chances to the students and people to create their own blog, online pages and accounts and there they can connect with people by making them friends related to their work, academics or learning process and related to their profession.

Social media is like a gun which can be used for the protection also and which can harm the life of anyone also, it depends upon how it is used and in which hands it is handed over

Although social media encourages, entertains and brings knowledge & joy to the students but on the other hand just like the other of the coin they are spoiling the kids too. As it is mentioned in the earlier line that it is good if used in a controlled environment.

Students these days are mostly wasting their whole day on video chats, making reels and videos and chatting with their online friends because it is very tempting but these making students go far away from their studies and learning. Due to this addiction student’s grades are getting lower day by day.

To control this ERP software for schools also put censorships on the computer systems in the libraries for the students & ERP software for schools (ERP Full Form) tries to keep the students away from any kind of harmful effects during their online learning.

Also being less experienced and careless, students and kids are sharing personal and vital information like their personal pics and videos which can cause harm to their virtual and social identity also and can harm their family as well.

There was a case happened in which was in news a lot where a theft happened and when Police caught the thief and enquired that how did he get the information that there will be nobody at home at a particular time when he barged in, the thief replied he had seen post by a kid from that family on a social media account that his whole family is getting out of town for vacation for 2 days.

Online facilities are good but they also need censorship especially in the matter of kids and students so that they can remain only beneficial for them. Censorship is known as suppression of ideas, words or images that are offensive.

This happens when one succeeds to post his personal thought online or write in a book or through images and this hurts emotions of others or embarrass other person then such contents are banned so that they cannot hurt anyone else or insult anybody else, this is called censorship.

Due this school managements are opting school ERP software these days a lot because school ERP software makes work of school management easy that too safely. It minimizes the risks of national security also.

As it is explained that internet has its own world of a lot of type of content hence it can expose the children to any kind of sensitive content and even out of curiosity the student or children can do anything with that content which can create a critical situation that can be a threat to national security hence censorship prevents such situations also.

Hence it is said that those children who have to use internet for their study purpose should have parental control applied to their internet browsing at any cost. Today a lot of content is available online for entertainment and parents, especially working parents can’t keep an eye on their children all the time.

These days after Covid-19 hit the world all the tv shows and web series and movies are available on OTT platforms online. Many of these are very violent, vulgar and have objectionable content.

Such shows and video games motivate students and children to commit crime and violence. Also watching such shows students and children of underage get their thoughts polluted for sex and vulgarity.

By applying censorship there will be a balance and students and children will watch good and inspirational tv and animated shows which not only entertain them but also teach them good things to make them good people.

By limiting the TV channels and by applying parental control on internet browsing, parents who have to work from the office and can’t be with their child at home always can be relaxed and satisfied that their children are far away from bad and objectionable contents.

Students and children have that tender age where they learn very fast anything good or bad. So, censorship keeps students and children to come under those good things online or through television which can be beneficial for them regarding society, religion and their academics by banning hate speeches of any one and instigation.

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