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9 Health Benefits of Cannabis You Should Know About

Here we will go over 9 health benefits you should know.  

Various cultures around the world have used cannabis to treat ailments and reduce symptoms for over 5,000 years. However, serious research on the plant has only just begun within the last century. As the details of how marijuana reacts with our bodies unravel, many amazing benefits are coming to light.

Keep reading to find out which cannabis benefits you should know.

1) Natural Analgesic 

Researchers at The University of New Mexico have the largest database of real-time recording data to study the effect that marijuana has on pain. Evidence showed that pain greatly decreased immediately after cannabis consumption. On a 1-10 pain scale, medical patients felt an average of a three-point drop following use.

Cannabis improves pain symptoms by increasing blood flow to muscles in distress and reduces the patient’s emotional response to pain. When we use cannabis, the release of “feel good” hormones called endorphins surges. These hormones are responsible for relieving pain and boosting mood. 

2) Improves Cancer 

Cancer has been treated with cannabis since ancient cultures first introduced the plant as a holistic remedy. Although medical studies were not completed in a lab, improvements in the condition were obvious.

Since recent, researchers have conducted over one hundred studies. Their findings were that cannabis not only inhibits cancer cell growth but kills cancer cells as well.

3) Treats Anxiety Disorders 

Many studies have shown that cannabis can help improve symptoms of anxiety. However, if you plan to treat anxiety with cannabis, be aware that low doses of THC are preferred because high doses can have the reverse effect. 

If you are concerned about accidentally taking a dose too high for your mind to handle, you can try CBD instead. CBD is an effective anxiety treatment in all doses.

4) Helps Regulate Weight and Prevent Diabetes 

Although cannabis is known to give a person munchies, you may have noticed that the average cannabis user is not overweight. Cannabis helps the body regulate insulin, manage caloric intake, and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately, little research has been completed regarding how cannabis interacts with blood sugar medications. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor before using cannabis while taking blood sugar medications.

5) Helps Mend Broken Bones

The cannabinoid CBD has proven to be a valuable asset for healing broken bones.

Research shows that CBD quickens healing and strengthens the bone in the process. 

The reason CBD is so effective is that it Improves:

  • Collagen maturation which is an essential connective protein tissue.
  • Sleep which is when your body does the majority of its healing.
  • Stiffness which makes physical therapy difficult.

Since cannabis is a natural pain reliever, you can also use it to help reduce pain throughout the healing process.

6) Prevents Seizures

One of the most commonly known benefits of marijuana may be its ability to prevent seizures, making it a great treatment option for individuals suffering from epilepsy and autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately, drug-resistant epilepsy affects nearly %40 of patients with epilepsy which makes finding treatment difficult. Luckily, marijuana seems to be one of the most effective treatment options for those who can’t find a medication that works. 

Studies show that medical marijuana decreases the frequency of seizures and can even prevent them altogether. The results of these studies triggered the creation of a drug called Epidiolex. Epidiolex is an epilepsy medication made from cannabidiol oil.

7) Lowers Blood Pressure

Monitoring and regulating blood pressure levels can be a grueling task For individuals with hypertension. Because cannabis seems to have a positive impact on most medical conditions, researchers felt it necessary to study the effects the plant has on blood pressure.

The findings of these studies were that shortly after consumption, blood pressure levels dropped, and prolonged consumption led to blood pressure levels that were more stable. 

8) Reduces Inflammation 

Numerous studies have reported that cannabis is an effective treatment option for inflammation.

There are many reasons a person may develop inflammation like; injury, disease, poor diet, and more. When our body is in distress, the brain sends signals to the body, letting it know it should go into healing mode and inflammation is essential to healing.

Restricted blood flow is part of how the body becomes inflamed; therefore, increasing blood flow can improve inflammation. Cannabis relaxes blood vessels and increases circulation, which results in improved blood flow to inflamed areas. 

9) Treats Gastrointestinal Disorders 

Many gastrointestinal diseases like IBS and diverticulitis leave patients suffering from pain, inflammation, nausea, constipation, and more.

Gastrointestinal symptoms can be treated through the use of cannabis. However, studies show that consumption also improves the conditions themselves. Cannabis regulates colon activity, providing relief to those with irregular bowel movements.

Additionally, when natural cannabinoid levels were tested in IBS patients, most of these individuals had a deficiency. It is believed that this cannabinoid deficiency may play a major role in the existence of such conditions. Cannabinoids help create homeostasis in the body, and when introducing the plant into the daily routine of gastrointestinal disease patients, the homeostasis of the digestive tract improves. 

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